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Doing Business - Luxembourg economy

Luxembourg - Open, diverse and dynamic

  • Small in size, the country has necessarily had to be both open to outside influences and active in exporting and importing know-how, services and products. Its diverse activities help to make the Grand Duchy competitive, strong and stable. Originally, Luxembourg’s economy hinged upon the steel industry, communications (RTL & SES) and finance and banking. While these activities continue to flourish today – ArcelorMittal, RTL and SES are strong, globally successful enterprises.
  • Luxembourg’s economy has greatly diversified into other sectors from e-commerce to plastics, materials, Intellectual Property, Research & Development, automotive components, health and environmental technologies, engineering and, naturally given Luxembourg’s geographical location, it’s also a one stop world-class logistics hub.
  • Far from being conclusive, but to give an idea of the types of companies that call Luxembourg home, a short list includes Guardian Glass, DuPont de Nemours, Goodyear, EBay, Amazon, Paypal, Skype, Delphi, Pfizer, Paul Wurth, Cargolux and DHL.

Start your own company in Luxembourg! 

  • Learn more about the 4 steps  it takes to set up your own business in Luxembourg.
  • You can also find more on the topic under the dedicated section of De Guichet  - Guide administratif de l'Etat luxembourgeois

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