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Respiratory infection (Covid-19) : Advice to travellers

Published 星期二, 2020年 三月 10日

Given the course of the respiratory infection Covid-19 on the global scale, and in the objective to prevent and limit the spread of the virus, the Chinese authorities have strengthened the control measures taken upon arrival via an international flight or returning from a different province in China.

The Embassy would like to inform that Luxembourg citizens returning or travelling to China might be subject to a 14-days quarantine upon their arrival. The quarantine will be observed either at home or at a designated hotel. Some major cities (Beijing and Shanghai) ask all travellers arriving in China from a “severely affected” country/region to observe a self-quarantine period of 14 days. The list of severely affected region is subject to change based on the evolution of the situation.

Please be advised that these control and quarantine measures are carried out by the local authorities and may differ from city to city or even from district to district. The Embassy therefore recommends to Luxembourg citizens to contact their local residence or hotel prior to their travel in order to identify the measures currently in place. Kindly note that measures are subject to change, as the situation on the ground evolves.

Non-compliance with control and prevention measures may lead to legal prosecution.

The Embassy would like to draw the attention to the fact that some countries have imposed entry restrictions on travellers transiting through China. Please check with the airline or travel agency prior departure.

People returning or travelling to Luxembourg should note that no quarantine measures are enforced by the Luxembourg authorities for travellers coming from China (Hubei province excluded) upon their arrival in the Grand-Duchy. Travellers are encouraged to watch for symptoms reminiscent of a respiratory infection (fever, cough, respiratory difficulties) for 14 days upon their return.

In case of symptoms, contact immediately the Health Inspection department via (+352) 247-85650 or 112 outside office hours and inform them on your recent stay in China. Do NOT seek medical treatment at an emergency room or at your general practitioner.

Travellers coming from China are requested to reach out to their employers, in case company policies do advise them to proceed to a voluntary “self-quarantine” period.

Further information regarding the pulmonary infection Covid-19, the procedures in place and the recommendations issued by the local authorities, please consult the  FAQ on the website of the Luxembourg Government .

The website, available in 4 languages, is updated and completed on a regular basis including recent development.