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Are you going abroad? Register on 'Lëtzerbuerger am Ausland'

Going Abroad?

Before your departure, declare your stay abroad to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on ' Lëtzebuerger am Ausland '


You can declare your stay abroad with ('Lëtzebuerger am Ausland').


You only need to provide certain useful information: dates and addresses of your place of stay, contact email address, contact person in Luxembourg.


You will receive information about your travel destination, such as the addresses of the diplomatic and consular missions on site.


If you should need consular assistance during your stay, the Luxembourg authorities will be able to provide assistance more quickly.

In order to prepare your journey in the best possible way, see our brochure 'Partez à l'étranger l'esprit tranquille' which can be obtained from the Passport Office, the reception desk at and from our partner administrations.