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Dock In Absolute China Tour Three Times in Beijing

Published Wednesday September 30 2015

Dock in Absolute is made up of 3 professionnal musicians including Michel Meis
(percussion), David Kintziger (double bass) and Jean-Philippe Koch (piano).
The group performs the pianist’s own compositions and arrangements of works
varying in style from jazz, electra, classical, pop to film music. The trio played together
for the first time in 2012, when it decided to explore a new style that at times
becomes a fusion between classical music and jazz. The group presented this as a
Master’s degree project at the Liège Royal Conservatoire, where a board including
Steve Houben, the director of the Conservatoire, gave them the highest possible grade.
The band has performed in many different concert halls and for the latest for the
European Parliament MEP with the presence of its president, the prime minister and
the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. In reaction to the huge success of their live
performances, the band is going to record a first album in February 2015. With a
weekly residency in Luxembourg and the different backgrounds of its members, the
Trio has developed a close relation and an own particular style. Dock in Absolute now
intends to bring its music to a wider audience, starting in Belgium, Germany,
Luxembourg, Japan…and CHINA!!!!