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Luxembourg at Design Week: Ilovehutongs

Published Friday September 25 2015

I LOVE HUTONGS is an installation project by Bruno Baltzer and Leonora Bisagno showing four photographic series: “Notre Dame”, “LEF”, “Fir ons Stad” and “Ilovehutongs” All four question nowadays representation, circulation of images and people in our contemporary societies. The series concern memories and how present pictures generate relation. Bruno Baltzer and Leonora Bisagno, through specific visual protocols and devices, inquiry and analyze the way we look at things. They often explore popular images, the tension between private and public domains, the production of images and the construction of icons. Their research aims to the understanding of image-making and transmission today.


Neiwubu Jie 27, Dongcheng District; Residence of Luxembourg Embassy, Neiwubu Jie 21 and 34