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Percussion trio from Luxembourg M人CHIN三 à trois in CHINA

Published Tuesday August 09 2016

MCHIN à trois, a young outstanding percussion trio composing of Luxembourgian pianist Pascal Meyer, talented percussionist Laurent Warnier and Chinese Marimba player Rachel Zhang Xi. In August, they will start a four-city tour in China bringing us to some ravishing piano and percussion perfomance. Don't miss it!

Contemporary music, in its full diversity, allow to assemble the excellent trio of piano and two percussions for the first time in Amsterdam in 2011, when they played the works of yound Japanese composer Yu Oda before going on a tour ( check it out ). Since then, they keep challenging music of differents composers of their generation while arranging music that they have paticular affection for, which allow them to present an original repertoire, composing cultural difference and unique musical flavor of each member.

Ticketing Info

 8/7 - Tianjin/天津 - Tianjin Grand Theatre/天津大剧院
 Time / 时间 :19:30
 Price / 票价 :¥ 30/50/60/80/120/VIP CLICK TO BUY
 Address / 地址: No.58 Pingjiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin (天津市河西区平江道58号)
 8/10 - Harbin/哈尔滨 - Harbin Grand Theatre/哈尔滨大剧院
 Ticketing info / 票务咨询电话:0451-58971866
 Address / 地址 : Culture Centre Zone, Songbei District, Harbin (Near Tiger Zoo) (哈尔滨市松北区文化中心岛区(东北虎林园旁))
 8/12 - Chongqing/重庆 - Fuling Grand Theatre/涪陵大剧院
 Time / 时间 :19:30
 Price / 票价 :¥ 20/40/60/80 CLICK TO BUY
 Address / 地址:Jinxiu Plaza, No.2 Er Duan, Binjiang Boulevard (滨江大道二段2号锦绣广场)
 8/14 - Xuzhou/徐州 - Xuzhou Concert Hall/徐州音乐厅
 Time / 时间:19:30
 Price / 票价:¥ 60/100/180/280 CLICK TO BUY
 Address / 地址: west park of Binhu Park (Near municipal gym) ( 滨湖公园西园(近徐州市体育馆) )