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Luxembourg City - Safest City on Earth according to MERCER's recent survey

Published Wednesday February 24 2016

Despite recent security issues, social unrest, and concern about the region’s economic outlook, European cities continue to offer some of the worlds’ highest quality-of-living, according to Mercer’s18th annual Quality of Living survey . Safety, in particular, is a key factor for multinationals to consider when sending expatriate workers abroad, and Mercer's recent survey clearly shows that Luxembourg is the safest city worldwide.

Mercer’s survey is probably one of the world’s most comprehensive, and is conducted annually to enable multinational companies and other employers to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments.

Living conditions are analysed by Mercer according to 39 factors, grouped in 10 categories:Political and social environment, Economic environment,Socio-cultural environment, Medical and health considerations, Schools and education, Public services and transportation, Recreation, Consumer goods, Housing and Natural environment. This year’s ranking includes 230 of these cities.

Despite economic uncertainties, Western European cities continue to enjoy some of the highest quality of living worldwide; they fill seven places in the top-10 list. Vienna continues to lead the ranking and has done so in the last seven published rankings. Luxembourg is tied to the 19th place when it comes to the highest quality of living.

In terms of personal safety, Luxembourg tops the list and is followed by Bern, Helsinki, and Zurich – all 2nd.