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Centre de TIC du Luxembourg

The right idea in the right place - Major media and ICT companies established in Luxembourg: 

The right mix of legal, financial and technical resources and skills make Luxembourg the right place for electronic activities in Europe. Many world-renowned companies are taking advantage of this privileged environment.



Main ICT activities in Luxembourg:

  • Headquaters function: The expertise acquired in the media and ICT sector combined with the generally attractive business framework leads international companies to choose Luxembourg as their platform to the European market. These headquarter functions generally include high-level planning, financial, marketing and sales functions.
  • E-commerce: A lot of e-commerce companies, such as eBay , iTunes , Rakuten , Skype  or Amazon , chose Luxembourg as a basis for serving the European market.
  • Data centres: In Luxembourg, the finance sector generated expertise in information and communication technologies. An extraordinary pool of competences in data handling followed which in turn led to the establishment of an important number of data centers with leading edge infrastructures, providing high-level secured services. Major public and private players have already chosen to set up their data centers in Luxembourg, including the European Commission and the European banking group Dexia. Data processing activities located in Luxembourg comprise, amongst others, backup and recovery, authentication and billing.
  • Intellectual property and domain names: The Government has put in place a new framework for intellectual property in 2007. The new law creates an attractive framework for IP portfolio management  in Luxembourg. Profits made through intellectual property (patents, domain names, software copyrights,…) now benefit from an 80% tax exemption. Luxembourg is the first European Union Member State to offer this kind of investor-friendly legal environment for domain names.

In the digital age, content and data are very sensitive goods. Choosing the right location for their handling and distribution is an essential business decision for success. Situated in the heart of Europe  and offering all the opportunities of great economies as well as the advantages of a small country, Luxembourg is the central gateway to the European and international markets.

ICT businesses in Luxembourg enjoy both a market oriented legal environment  and a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure . Luxembourg has invested heavily and created one of the most advanced ICT infrastructures which provides connectivity in real time to the world markets. Redundant national and international high speed connections are available from a multitude of renowned providers, giving companies the availability and freedom to choose from a multitude of platforms to deliver their content and data.

A culture of trust and security, first-class communication networks and data centers, flexibility and dynamism  are just a few of the qualities which make the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg a data vault and thus the ideal place for content and data management functions.

Professional services are also widely available. Companies may draw upon a wide range of business services, including the substantial presence of major audit, accounting and consulting firms, as well as international law firms and IT suppliers, consultants and service providers.

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