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Luxembourg celebrates National Day at the Ambassador’s Residence in Beijing

Publié le lundi 25 juin 2018

The Residence was decorated with two expositions by Luxembourg artists on the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with relaxed and cheerful music ringing in the garden, the site of event presented a festive atmosphere. Ambassador Dr. Marc Hübsch and his wife, deputy head of mission Mr. Rol Reiland warmly welcomed the guests at the gate. The guests warmly shook hands with the ambassador and addressed him their congratulations for the festival.

Ambassador Dr. Marc Hübsch delivered a speech to welcome the guests. In his speech, he mentioned that during his nearly one-year tenure, his family and himself have always felt the hospitality of Chinese people in many aspects of their daily life, and they are very impressed by Chinese history, culture and the world’s most diverse cuisine. He fully affirmed that the long-standing friendship between the two countries is based on mutual respect and sincerity. He said that in recent decades, exchanges between the two countries in the fields of economy and trade, people-to-people exchanges, film and culture, education and even space exploration have always been rich and vibrant, and hopes to further promote exchanges between the two sides by opening direct flights between the two countries in the future.

After the speech, the students from Central Conservatory Preparatory School sang the national anthems of our two countries, which created a very solemn atmosphere. The guests were all deeply moved by the beautiful melodies. In addition, the guests also tasted the delicious food and wine of the Grand Duchy at the reception, and had a wonderful and pleasant evening.

The great success of this event is particularly owed to the strong support and dedicated contribution of our premium sponsors: ArcelorMittal, Nizi International, ICBC and Tuspark.